Sherlock Holmes Character Sketch

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” Helen Stoner’s twin sister, Julia, dies from an unknown cause shortly before being married. Helen, also engaged to be married, worries about her own safety and takes her case to Sherlock Holmes. Using his powers of observation, intelligence, and perseverance, Holmes races to find the murderer.

Out of Sherlock Holmes’ many talents, observation is the most influential to each of his cases. Helen stares in astonishment as Holmes correctly states that the mud on her jacket sleeve came from riding in a dogcart. Then, upon examining Helen’s bedroom, he is the first to realize the wire to the call bell is a fake. Without this important skill, neither Sherlock Holmes nor his crime-solving would be the same.

In each of Sherlock Holmes’ adventures one thing is proven: no matter how many dead-ends he happens to bumps into, Holmes will never give up. His dedication perseverance when doing something he loves shines throughout each story; he is even willing to get right down on the ground in search of clues. Even a late night excursion to Stoke Moran is not too much for Holmes. As long as he has his faithful associate, Watson, to keep him company no case is ever abandoned.

Holmes’ mixture of talents would not be complete without his extreme intelligence. Using logical reasoning, he successfully deduces that Dr. Roylott, Helen and Julia’s step-father, killed Julia in order to keep the inheritance saved for her. Holmes even has an explanation for the bell wire connected to the ventilator. Roylott uses it as a bridge for his swamp adder to get into the neighboring bedroom, hoping that it will eventually bite Helen. Holmes always puts each piece of the puzzle in its proper place.

This case ends happily for Helen, who lives on to be married. It does not, however, end on the same note for Dr. Roylott. The antagonist ultimately gets what he deserves. As for Sherlock Holmes, neither poisonous snakes nor wild baboons will ever keep him off a case.

(C) Heather Straight 2007


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  1. cool_stuti said,

    dude, whoever wrote this thx a lot, man. if i hadn’t submitted holmes’ character sketch, i would have been severly punished ……….. thx a lot

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